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David C. Enge
He touched our lives for 49 years

David Christopher Enge was with us for 49 years and in that time he touched many of our lives. He taught us how to fish. He inspired us with his art. He showed us what dedication does to a garden. He was easy to love and loved us in return. It was an honor to be part of your journey, Dave

Dave's childhood and young adulthood
Dave's family album
Dave and his friends
As we know, Dave loved to fish
Dave loved gardening and painting pictures of his flowers
Dave fighting cancer, something no one should have to do
This album was taken during his last weeks
Photos from Dave Porter's collection
Pictures taken by Stacey, some at the memorial service

Baby Dave with his famous mohawk hair-do.

Baby Dave with his grandpa, Frank Cole. See the resemblance?

Toddler Dave

Toddler Dave

Back row: Sister Lynn, mom Shannon, dad Herman. Front row: sister Kelly, brother Paul, Dave.

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school photo, age 6?

School photo, age 10?

School photo, age 12?

Dave's high school senior picture [Federal Way, 1973]

This photo was taken in 1979. Pictured here are Paul Frederick (Me!), Kelly Anne, Lynn Marie and David Christopher Enge. All four children were born between 1953 and 1959.

water-color portait of Paul Frederick Enge (Me!) painted by brother David Christopher Enge. David painted this portrait from a photograph of me posing in front of a low, round, mirror-top table with round glass balls and two Black, Deco-styled nude lady statues. ~The green glass balls are old "Fishing Net Floats" uses by deep sea fishermen. Some of the balls are marked with a Japanese stamp in the glass.

Here is Herman Frederick Enge Junior giving "Rides" to eager riders David Christopher (age 3) and Lynn Marie (age 5). Young baby Kelly Anne was not quite ready for the action, so she watched while holding her baby-bottle.

I am the baby in this picture. I was born March 21, 1959. Here is proud grand-mother Helen Evelyn Norgaurd Enge (age 58), she is holding Kelly Anne Enge (age 1 year 3 Months), standing is sister Lynn Marie Enge (almost 6) and brother David Christopher Enge (age 4), Helen's daughter Adrienne Ruth Enge Baker, she is holding their brother young baby Paul Frederick Enge. Shannon Melissa Cole and Heman Enge are the parents of these four children.

Here is a very mature and sophistocated Lynn Marie Enge at age 4 posing contentedly with her favorite "Monkey Doll" and her baby brother, David Christopher Enge, at age 2. Baby David looks a little bit confused, but sister Lynn is obviously happy. Lynn and her best buddy were soon parted when her Monkey fell in to one of the large open storm drains in Anchorage Alaska and was washed away. circa 1958