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David C. Enge
Lover of flowers

David Christopher Enge was with us for 49 years and in that time he touched many of our lives. He taught us how to fish. He inspired us with his art. He showed us what dedication does to a garden. He was easy to love and loved us in return. It was an honor to be part of your journey, Dave

Dave's childhood and young adulthood
Dave's family album
Dave and his friends
As we know, Dave loved to fish
Dave loved gardening and painting pictures of his flowers
Dave fighting cancer, something no one should have to do
This album was taken during his last weeks
Photos from Dave Porter's collection
Pictures taken by Stacey, some at the memorial service

Dave's roses in the front yard of his Dash Pt home.

Dave's roses in the front yard of his Dash Pt home.

Dave's garden at his home at Dash Point [Tacoma]

Dave's side yard [Dash Point]

Dave's side yard [Dash Point]

Flowers on front porch of Dave's Dash Pt. Home.

Another rose flourishing in Dave's care.

Neighbor Jerry's bridge and water wheel.

A king of all he surveys, Dave on the front porch of his Dash Pt home.

Dave's flowering perennials.

Where Dave, the gardner, meets Dave, the artist.

Dave's windowsill collection of agates and seashells. Dave took Stacey to Dash Point promising her that she'd find an agate. They searched and searched the entire beach for about an hour and just as they were going to give up and go home, Dave stopped and turned around and directed her to go down to the wake and look where the tide was going out. She did so and there at the water's edge was a gorgeous agate glistening in the sun. A minute later would have been too late because the sun was dipping and giving rise to a spectacular sunset, but not before offering its last rays on that beautiful agate. I see it every morning now and think about Dave. It's a mystery to me how he knew that agate was there. Also notice the large "horse mussel" on the left. Dave and Stacey actually ATE that mussel in the famous "Horse Mussel and Horse Clam Pasta" recipe they invented after goeyduck hunting in the pouring down rain. This was one of the best days of Stacey's life. It brought back all of the memories of that summer with Dave in 1973 when they didn't have a care in the world and didn't care a lick about getting wet in the rain. They were together and that's all that mattered.