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David C. Enge
An album of photos from Dave Porter's collection

I met Dave in about 1989 when I moved to Browns Point and we were friends ever since. I cherish knowing Dave Enge and cherish all the fine times and memories we had. Dave, you are missed! --Dave Porter

Dave's childhood and young adulthood
Dave's family album
Dave and his friends
As we know, Dave loved to fish
Dave loved gardening and painting pictures of his flowers
Dave fighting cancer, something no one should have to do
This album was taken during his last weeks
Photos from Dave Porter's collection
Pictures taken by Stacey, some at the memorial service

Intrepid fisherman, at the "slag pile." Picture from the late 90's I would guess.

Catch of the day. I think 2 fish was the limit, these look a little small also. Dave often skirted the fishing regulations.

This is the Hyada Blvd. waterfront place where I first met Dave. Picture taken in the fall of 1993 just before the right-hand row of apartments were demolished (the garages already had been) to make way for Dr. Loflin's dreamhouse and that of his partner. Dave lived in the house on the left-hand side, I lived in the upper left and upper right unit in the "boxy" building. Craig and Dana Coates, Scott Barry, and many others lived there over the years.

This is Dave E. in Scott Barry's boat with a fish just about pulled in. Circa 1990.

Same caption as above, can't tell which picture has the fish closer to in the boat.

Smiling Scott Barry with a catch.

Out on Craig Coates' wooden Chris Craft. That was a fine boat that nearly got us blown up one voyage when gas leaked into the bilge (it was equipped with a highly questionable "auto engine" alternator).

Cooking fried halibut the day it was caught. I think this was the time we had way too much, and everybody had to eat "thirds" or more! Taken in my Slayden Rd. house, probably 1994.

Possibly the genesis of one of those fish & chips feeds. This one was over 24 inches if I remember right.

The aftermath of another big dinner (mexican this time). With Dave, we began the tradition of the big Sunday meal which many enjoyed for years and years. This picture reminds me of the inside cover of ZZ Top's Tres Hombres.

In Dave & Monika Samek's backyard at their annual party. I'm guessing this is in the summer of 1996 or 1997. From left, Dave E, me, Bob, and Scott Barry.

Sitting in the sideyard at Slayden Rd., under the birch tree in midsummer. The site of many happy days. I think that's Scott to the right, can't tell.

This is the section of a 93-year-old tree that we trimmed out of a large fir tree cut down in front of Dave Enge's Dash Point place. We used (and burned up) Dave's belt sander finishing it. You can see my red Datsun outside. Photo from Slayden Rd, down in the garage workshop probably in 1997 or 1998.

Fishing at the Clay Banks, in Dave's aluminum boat. Kasey Halligan bought that boat and it was shipped to his Alaska cabin.

From left Sharon, Dave E, and Rick Kennedy. I'm almost certain this is July 4th, 1993, right after I moved there in June.

Dave Enge in my Slayden Rd. house, circa 1993. I can tell because I still was operating with the 13-inch TV!

Dave making some sort of emphatic point on the left, Scott Barry at right.

With the Coates family: Dana, Oshian, and Craig at their house on my 40th birthday.

Dave liked living Large, here is one example in beer!. Circa 1994 or 1995.

Large crabs caught by Dave. The one on the left was just about the biggest we'd ever seen, about 10 inches across (the legal size is 7-1/4).

Dave E. met our daughter when she was just a couple of days old, and about two weeks before he died. He so loved meeting her and was very happy about the whole event! He said "she's a keeper," I'll never forget that. Warning: 4MB download takes awhile.