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Some Cool pictures
Misc. taken around the house

A boat speeding along before a spring squall.

Moonrise over Mt. Rainier.

Mount Rainier with "alpenglow" and a cloud cap on top. You can see how low the snow still lies on the foothills.

A particularly pretty rhododendron in the yard.

Sunrise around 5:00 a.m. in the late spring.

Typical marine traffic. Here is the "Midnight Sun" arriving (a "TOTE" boat ferrying trucks and containers to Alaska). Plus a Foss tug.

Lenticular cloud far above Rainier, at sunset.

At night over the bay. Sorry the horizon is tipped!

Another night shot.

Sailboat races on Wednesday night in the summer.


Late summer sunset.






Mt. Rainier early in the morning, early spring.

Shining buildings

A composite of two

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A stormy winter day at high tide, with a strong south wind. Taken with our digital camera. The remainder in this set were taken with my Nikkormat, most with a 180mm telephoto lens.

Boys in a boat in springtime, with the sun up high.

The Chelsea on a foggy fall day with barges and a little sun in the background

The Army Corps of Engineers barge that pulls deadheads out of the water.

New cranes for the Port of Tacoma. At the time they were built (in China) they were the largest ever built.

The Chelsea with a containership arriving in the foggy background.

Mt Rainier.

View across the bay to Tacoma north end.

Stormy spring day with bright sun. This was the storm that blew our gazebo away.

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Night shot across the water with a wide angle (24mm) lens.

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