716 Klapache Rd NE
A potential Porter residence

This is a very large picture, you have to scroll left and right to see it all.  It is a panorama of 3 photos showing the view towards the beach.  From left are the neighbors deck, barges, cranes in the distance (Mt. Rainier is about here but you can't see it on the cloudy day), St. Regis pulp mill with white smoke, the white Tacoma Dome.  At the bottom see my blue picnic table and beyond that the 20-foot-wide concrete bulkhead.  The view is close to due south, so you get sun all year round.

This is the view looking up from the bulkhead about 25-feet below the level of the house (medium bank waterfront).  The house looks like a 60's-70's vintage construction, the house was originally built in 1948.  You can see the $million$ mansions on each side.  Ivy covers the hillside.

Here is an interior view, the living room (also having a dining area), bathroom, the kitchen and one bedroom are all on this floor.  The lower floor holds a bathroom and bedroom.  The "wall of windows" are relatively modern double-panes.  There is a fireplace on each floor (common chimney with two flues).  Kitchen and upstairs bath is nicely remodelled.

There are a fair number of maintenance items to do, but nothing imperative.  No inspection has been done yet but would of course be done later.  I had a building/land use engineer evaluate several potential remodelling type issues, and there are no unusual or overly constraining rules that would prevent expanding up, towards the shoreline, or building a reasonably-sized garage.

This is a view looking down on the west side.  There is a deck our near the property line which is permitted by a variance.  You can see the flat or slightly sloped roof.  Roof material is "torch down." 

View of carport, this is a prime area of potential remodel.  It would be really nice to have a garage for a couple cars plus storage, plus possibly revamp some of the entry stair situation.  We think but are not sure if the laundry is in the storage area within this existing carport.

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