Sara & Dave's Maui Vacation
August 2002


Snorkel girl at Kapalua Beach, the 2nd best location for finding fish.

On top of Haleakala volcano, 10,000 feet.  We rode bikes from about 6,500 feet down to near sea level


We bought a couple recyclable cameras, that were "underwater" so we tried to take some fish pictures.  We saw many kinds of fish.


Kaanapali Beach, where Sara, and her Mom & Dad stayed for a week.


At Sara's place the 2nd week, some guy went nuts on the tennis court and they had to call the police.  It was fairly entertaining for all.


Dave & friends near the Iao Needle above Kahului, the main city on Maui.  The cats were wild & living in the woods but someone was feeding them.  Don't look, but that orange cat on the left is being naughty.


Lovely Sara at "Kimos" restaurant at Lahaina.  For some reason the camera wasn't held level.


Snorkel Girl with a very big smile.  The fish were happy to see her and smiled back.


Sara took this picture by holding the camera out at arms length.


Dave, 99% wet.


At the overlook just a little north of Ma'alea, looking towards Kihei (on the water where we stayed.  You can see the top of Haleakala volcano..


Dave's breakfast made by Sara.  We ate a lot of fruit.  Dave brought back 10 papayas, which were promptly eaten..


Sara on Big Beach.

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