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A beautiful Cat, Born July 1999

Mia Cat walking on the railing.

Mia Cat with a bright blue background.

Mia cat is hiding in her condo.

Mia is a Siamese with a lot of personality! She has bright blue eyes and fine fluffy hair. She is good friends with her sister Daisy.

Mia enjoying her "condo." When she first got it, she enjoyed the downstairs quite a lot, but lately has been spending more time up on the top floor.

A somewhat unladylike pose, but she certainly has a lot of fine fluffy fur!

Only recently, since moving to Browns Point, has Mia become an "outside" cat. She enjoys our yard, climbing trees, and is particularly hard to lure into the house on a warm summer night.

Sweet Sara and little Mia. Mia will come when Sara calls her, but she won't do that for Dave.

Three girls are in our family. They all like to curl up in bed together!

Mia liked to look out the window of Sara's apartment, but now she is an outdoor cat.

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