The Pets page

We have a most excellent collection of Pets:

Nestle the "mouse" actually a hamster.

The most entertaining four-legged family member is...Daisy the Dog:
She is 12 weeks old in these pictures.  She is a female Pembroke Corgi. 

Here is Daisy a little bit older, 4 months plus a week or 2

Daisy is almost 10 months old in these pictures

Cuddling with Emily the Cat

Here she is full grown, 31/2 years

The Queen of England has two Corgis named Minnie and Rush.

Here is Emily the Cat.  We liked to call her "Lardita."

Here is a picture of our Guinea Pig "Cinnamon."  Sadly, she passed away.  She was also known as "Skinny Porker."  We really liked Skinny, she is peacefully in her grave in the backyard on Slayden Rd.

We also have a Guinea pig named "Rosie," this is a picture that Louis took.