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Natalie Jane Porter
A few photos taken during Sara's pregnancy, from winter 2004 thru late summer.

Our daughter's very first pictures (from the hospital)
During Sara's pregnancy
It's a Girl! (ultrasound pictures)
From about 1 to 2 weeks old
About 3 to 4 weeks old
Pictures from 4-6 weeks of age
Age about 8 to 10 weeks.
Pictures taken during her 10th week of life
12-13 weeks of life
Three Months Old!! (plus Thanksgiving)
3 months +/-
Check out the family resemblance
Christmas 2004
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We had about 5 inches of snow one weekday, so everybody got a "snow day" and stayed home. Sara is probably 2 to 3 months along at this point.

We went for a walk to the Browns Point lighthouse with Daisy. Our dog enthusiastically loves snow and romped most of the day in it.

A wider view of our snowy Browns Point park.

"Barely showing" probably about February or March.

Sara broke even once or twice on some visits to the casinos nearby. We didn't like one of them because it was so smoky! Here she is selecting her choices during a "bonus round."

This is at the "Weyerhauser mansion" on a historic home tour, I believe itwas in March or April.

On the beach in north Lake Tahoe. We stayed at a very beautiful resort for a couple days before Memorial day. This was our last trip taken before Natalie joined us.

On our Tahoe trip, we went up to visit two ski areas. This one was taken at Squaw Valley where they have an icerink at the top. We also went on the Heavenly ski area gondola.

Sara relaxing in the mountain air. The sun was hot but the air was comparatively cold this time of year.

At the "Cal-Neva" resort, and old fashioned hangout once owned by Frank Sinatra. Yes the state line runs thru the middle of their pool!

Out on the deck at home, probably in July or so. Pregnancy didn't really faze Sara until about the last month when she became somewhat more uncomfortable.

On the deck again, on a hot day, I'm guessing about early or mid August. Natalie was born on August 26th.

Sara and Mia the cat

Side view of Sara smiling.

Sara quite far along, Daisy looking on.

Sara letting Daisy sniff her impending sister.

Visiting with our friend Dave Enge, just a few days before the 26th. Sadly, Dave only got to see Natalie once after her birth but it made him very happy. Dave died soon after that, on September 8th.

Just to complete the story, here's a picture when Natalie was about a week old, meeting Dave for the first and only time. Dave Enge was very happy for us, and really enjoyed seeing Natalie. It's a full-size 4MB scan, so it takes a while to load.

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