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Natalie Jane Porter
Birthday approximately 8-14-04

Our daughter's very first pictures (from the hospital)
During Sara's pregnancy
It's a Girl! (ultrasound pictures)
From about 1 to 2 weeks old
About 3 to 4 weeks old
Pictures from 4-6 weeks of age
Age about 8 to 10 weeks.
Pictures taken during her 10th week of life
12-13 weeks of life
Three Months Old!! (plus Thanksgiving)
3 months +/-
Check out the family resemblance
Christmas 2004
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The second picture of our baby Girl! Her gender was revealed today, Wednesday April 14th.

This picture is of her face, you can't quite tell but she is smiling!

The first picture was taken when she was MUCH smaller.

The doctor said we are on track for a 7 to 8 pound baby.

The parents are very happy! :-)

Now we only have to focus on 50% of the names on our list!

This picture shows a profile view.

Clearly seen are head, spine, ribs.

The doctor said her head is about as big as a tangerine.

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