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Natalie Jane Porter
Album 6: these pictures were taken during her 10th week of life

Our daughter's very first pictures (from the hospital)
During Sara's pregnancy
It's a Girl! (ultrasound pictures)
From about 1 to 2 weeks old
About 3 to 4 weeks old
Pictures from 4-6 weeks of age
Age about 8 to 10 weeks.
Pictures taken during her 10th week of life
12-13 weeks of life
Three Months Old!! (plus Thanksgiving)
3 months +/-
Check out the family resemblance
Christmas 2004
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A little girl in a big bed.

She sleeps in our bed after she wakes up early in the morning, like about 5:00 a.m.

Natalie and our friend Laura Stackpole, at Laura's sister's daughter's soccer game. It was a cold day but Nat was warm in her pink Nordstrom suit. It has an embroidered "N" on it!

Another picture with Laura.

At 10 weeks her hair is really coming in. It looks like it could be a dark blonde color (like her parents) but we can't be sure at this point.

Just messing around on the couch.

She is smiling a lot, that's why we took all these pictures, but somehow it's easy to miss "the moment" with our digital camera.

Mia enjoying the new piece of baby furniture.

Daisy the Dog sleeping alongside little Natalie.

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