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Natalie Jane Porter
These pictures were posted just 10 days short of her 1-year birthday!

Hear Natalie's voice at about 5 months!

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Lounging in Mom's lap, on one of our hot summer days.

The two Porter girls.

A little blurry because Nat is a fast mover.

Kind of a funny look, but you can see her bright blue eyes.

Natalie is looking at her cousin Mindy. She enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa's pool one weekend.

Two girls a-swimmin'.

A cardgame with the relatives--Leavitt's & Porters. They are playing "Phase 10" one of our favorites.

Ryan Leavitt taking a big practice swing, with advice from the pro, John Porter.

Natalie confronting Mia the cat. Mia likes to be grabbed by Natalie, but Nat hasn't yet fully learned how to "be gentle" but she's working on it.

Dave's favorite picture of this set, sweet Natalie is taking a nap.

Natalie unwrapping her very first present--an early birthday present from G'ma and G'pa Porter. Nat's birthday is only about ten days away!

Natalie sitting in Grandpa Porter's lap.

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