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Natalie Jane Porter
Age 4 to 4-1/2 months

Hear Natalie's voice at about 5 months!

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Peek-a-boo pose, she is just on the verge of understanding this game. Although it's "us" doing the peeking not her yet.

Nat has several nice winter outer coats, this one is the leopard suit.

The fuzz on top is thickening, and the light shows it off.

In a cat nap, you can see under her chin which is hard to get to normally.

Grandma Smith bought her some baby jewelry, and this is her first ring.

This is an X-mas present too, from Lester & Meg.

We bought Natalie a "Johnny Jump-up" which she seems to enjoy quite a bit. She likes it best in bare legs because the suits often impede her movement.

The longer view of the jumper. You can tell it's Christmas because the tree is back there.

She likes the jump-up because she can hold her head up high. Her neck is getting quite strong and holding her head steady.

She is starting to enjoy solid food, like rice or oatmeal cereal, and actually can eat quite a bit. This was one of her early experiments. She has graduated to eating carrots, squash, and today we even fed her some blueberries we picked last summer and had frozen. She likes everything--so far.

No caption, just a wistful look.


This is Natalie's "whorl" which because it's clockwise may indicate her right-handedness. That seems to be the rumor.

Sitting up. Sara liked this picture because it captures her look so well. So--this is how she really looks!

When she's out of her one-piece suits she really likes to stick her legs up in the air. She can get her feet all the way up to her mouth. Let's see you try that!!

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