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Natalie Jane Porter
Hurray! Natalie is 6 months old!

Hear Natalie's voice at about 5 months!

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A very pretty smile, she must be happy about her new play toy, where she gets to stand up. It's called an "exersaucer." It's like a walker only it's fixed in one spot--the rolling rambler kind are dangerous because kids fall down stairways on 'em.

Outdoors with sunhat, mom is in the background.

A lovely picture with Mt. Rainier in the background. It was sunny and warm so we spent a little while outside.

A terrible picture otherwise, but this shot did portray her two new teeth. Her upper gums are looking like there's a couple front teeth heading for daylight.

Cat on the computer desk.

Bathing in the tub with Mom, she is really beginning to like water and splashing & kicking. We think she will make a good swimmer.

With mom on the couch, practicing stretching her legs and holding some weight on them. She isn't as far along as some babies we've seen, but making good progress. She "almost" can sit up by herself on the floor.

Here is Natalie in her Hawaiian dress her grandpa Ben bought while over there.

A fuzzy picture but a nice smile.

More sleeping, there's a lot of that around here. Nothing nicer than cuddling up to our little daughter.

Just a pretty girl, her personality is definitely developing--she's a fun loving little smiler.

Sleeping with Dad on the couch, after everyone's tough day at the office!

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