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Natalie Jane Porter
Last picture was taken two days short of her 11-month birthday!

Hear Natalie's voice at about 5 months!

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For a while, she liked to do a headstand / handstand.

Another view of the above pose.

Mom's flip-flops taste rather interesting. Natalie has 8 teeth and is working on a couple more.

Sara and Natalie wandering around in the yard.

Dad watching over Nat as she drifts off to sleep for the evening. She goes to bed starting around 8:30, often up 'til 9-ish.

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We bought her first ball, which she likes a lot!

She's sneaking over to pull stuff out of a basket.

Natalie's wading pool out in the yard. Sometimes we get a soapy bath in at the end of the swim.

No need for a bathing suit at this early age.

A pretty smile, we took these for her birthday-party invitation card we're working on.

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Her hair is longer and thicker, enough to hold a bow in her hair.

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She's crawling!

First crawling occurred July 23rd.

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