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June 2006
June pictures, Summer started early this year with lots of hot days, even a couple record-breakers!

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Big shoes to fill.

Natalie loves to "drive" and it's hard to get her strapped in to her infant seat.

She really isn't an infant anymore! Here she is shifting gears--wonder if she'll ever learn to drive a stick shift?

Fun with Dad on Father's day.

We had the Smith's over for Father's day. We had a BBQ with excellent steaks from Costco. Dave made a pasta recipe out of Martha Stewart magazine.

Two girls smiling.

Here is a picture of the "shed" where our washer and storage are located. This would be replaced "eventually" by the remodel. Following are a few more remodelling-related pictures.

Here is a parking test. The nearest wood strip indicates the property line, the one parallel to it to the left is the approximate line of our new structure. Object is to navigate from the alley right-of-way into the garage.

Looking at the other side of the parking exercise. A standard garage door is 9 feet wide. That's still kind of tight given the turning radius and distance from the alley.

An overall view, where you can see some surveying marks over to the right (orange circles). This is the property line. There is one visible fluorescent yellow mark in the lower center indicating the centerline of the 20-foot road right of way.

Mia cat in her hiding spot on top of the storage shed. She has a good view of a lot of birds from there.

Natalie after she dug through a trashcan that conveniently had a dirty paper towel having soot from the pellet stove! Even getting in trouble makes her smile!

A warm beach day, Natalie and Sara and Daisy enjoying it.

Nat has a couple pairs of shoes she uses for wading.

She loves throwing rocks, in this shot you can see it in the air in front of her. Her typical throwing is about 5-6 feet. She likes big heavy rocks.

Both Mia and Natalie have blue eyes.

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