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July 2006
Not very many July 4th pictures, but a lot of good ones from our family reunion!

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Natalie on her relaxing pillow but she's not asleep, look at her peeking!

Diane sitting on the beach with Nat, July 4th 2006.

Browns Point baby group, this was on Amelia's 2nd birthday.

Dave's pie, number one of two. The second one turned out better. Our apple tree produced about 5 gallons of apples this year.

We went to Long Beach for a Saturday night, here is Natalie being ferried to the beach by Ben, her grandpa ("papa").

Natalie & Judy. It was quite warm that day by Pacific coast standards.

Most of the family except for the photographer.

Here's one of Dad and Natalie.

In a pizza restaurant, we met up with a large contingent of Sara's relatives. Here is Natalie riding on a quarter horse (get it?). She went 3 or 4 times. So I guess it's more accurate to say it's a $2 horse.

We sold some of Natalie's accessories in a garage sale. Total take for sitting in the sun for six hours: $85. Nat didn't want to part with her stuff.

Dave, Sara, and Nat down at the Lighthouse Cabin. This was Day one of our reunion.

On that day one, there was a concert put on by the neighborhood church. They introduced us visitors from the "pulpit."

Natalie having cherries.


Daniel Leavitt, on a spacewalk. (We visited the Museum of Flight).

There's a rock star getting off the Concorde.

Mindy is a flight attendant. The pay is pretty good--they get extra when flying supersonic.

The whole crew in front of the surprisingly long and narrow Concorde.

That must be Nixon's secretary.

Here are the Porters who were in attendance. There are getting to be quite a few.

This once includes the Smiths as well (Judy and Ben, Sara's mom & dad).

From left, Dave's aunt Caryl, Joyce, Sam, and Bill (Sam's brother, Dave's uncle). All Porters, of course!

Natalie climbing the tall steps at the cottage. Dad rented the cabin for next year too!

Gil Meche warming up. It didn't help much because the Mariners lost, and Meche only pitched about 4 or 5 innings.

Another shot of Gil.

Overall shot from our seats, we are in center right field.

Leavitt family minus Mindy.

Nat and Mom on the couch relaxing at home.

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