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Natalie Jane Porter
This chapter created right around her
birthday on 8-26-05

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Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Natalie, Happy Birthday to You! You can see the candle still burning.

Nat just ate a bit or two of cake and frosting, we didn't let her rub it all over her face.

That's pretty funny, isn't it!

A couple lovely similar pictures of the Porter Family, and the littlest Porter in the middle.

Another in the set.

From left Sara, Dave's dad in the background, Nat down in front, being observed by surprise visitor Laura Stackpole, and Ann Podruchny.

From left, way in back is Catelyn Mazzucca, Sara down in front, Jill Shepson, then it's Natalie, Alana Shepson Winstead, and Alana's stepdaughter Madison.

Here is Nat sitting in the sun. This picture and the ones above it are courtesy of our guest photographer for the day, Kari Stackpole! Thanks Kari!

Natalie is doing just fine standing up, leaning against a table or holding onto something. Here she is perusing a magazine, another favorite activity.

More of that standing up thing here. She likes to stand on her tip toes.

On her birthday, she got a nice fairy / angel type headpiece. She is sitting in her new folding chair, a present from the Foxes a couple doors down the street.

Another picture of that headpiece, with its flowing pink gauze.

When she grins, her nose wrinkles up. She likes to do this together with a deep growling sound.

One of Nat's presents was a neat walker. (Thanks Raem & Paul!) It's funny she'll use a walker at age one, and maybe in her 90's too! She immediately got the drift of this and took off stepping right away.

Here she is heading down the road toward the toy collection. The back of her sweatpants say "Daisy."

She has a bath every day or two, by herself now. She is getting into some major splashing action.

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