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Natalie Jane Porter
Natalie is 13 months old...

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Natalie is 1 year old!
At 13 months...
At 14 months!
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Mmmmm good!

Natalie enjoying her almost daily occasion--the bath. She has a lot of floating toys.

The following five pictures were taken with a conventional film camera, then the negatives scanned to a CD. The quality is very high.

Here Natalie is trying to help her mom run the computer.

Pretty blue eyes.

Exercising those legs, it won't be long before she'll be up on 'em.

Mom & Natalie resting on the couch.

We call this the monkey walk, where she gets up and scoots on her extended legs. This is on beyond crawling, and she's a quick little devil too.

Sara's bathroom cabinet, under construction.

Taken up in Bellingham where we all reunioned earlier in the year. That's Kirby Leavitt up top.

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