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Natalie Jane Porter
Now she's 14 months old...

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A nice relaxing bath at the end of the day. She is getting more inventive on ways to splash the water around.

"Nat" and her Mom.

A kiss for pretty Natalie.

Off for a walk, in her new three-wheeler. Now that the weather has worsened (and daylight savings begun) it's a bit harder to do this daily.

Daisy gets a couple stick-tosses each walk, down at the lighthouse park.

She never learned to drop the stick very well, so you have to distract her with another stick.

Natalie loves Mia the cat, here she's got Mia cornered!

Natalie in her pretty birthday jacket from the Ramsay's.

Natalie loves her books now, she reads them all the time. She is enjoying the more advanced ones, with the intricate detailed pictures in which she can recognize things.

This one shows (some of) our beautiful new bathroom remodel, the toilet, floor, paint, cabinet, sink, faucet, trim, etc. is all new! It's spectacular! We just went to the dump to discard the old stuff today.

In a leopard suit for Halloween.

She loves to flop in a pile of warm clothes right out of the dryer. Natalie likes to fold laundry (and "unfold" by attacking the finished pile as well).

Cat in the clothesbasket, this surprised Natalie and made her smile.

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