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Natalie Jane Porter
We just got a new cam, sorry for the break!

This page has a smattering of several subjects because it's basically a dump of all the interesting pictures out of the large memory chip in our camera.

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The very first picture taken with our new camera! It's a Canon A610 5 megapixel.

Click on the picture to enlarge it to "actual size" and you can see the fantastic quality. We're really pleased about the new camera.

This old boat sat out on a buoy and filled with rainwater, then came off it's line and half-sunk, drifted around the area for a while. This one and the next four pictures came from the old HP camera, before it broke.

This is we think the first picture we captured of Natalie actually walking. She could get about 5-6 steps in a row between couch and parent, that sort of thing.

Here's the end-point of a walk, into Sara's arms.

Here's Natalie reading her favorite book, it looks like she's asleep but we think it's the camera which tries to prevent red-eye by a preliminary flash which just makes Nat squint.

Practicing her walkin' moves. Last picture out of the old HP camera.

Here's a cool capability of the camera: Click here for a 1.6MB video in avi format.

This one is Nat in the tub, screeching like an owl!

Here's another one: Click here for a 2.1MB video.

This one's about 8 seconds of Natalie walking.

This demonstrates the remarkable capability of the camera to "macro focus" down to 1/2-inch from the lens.

This is Natalie with her "Boo Bah" toy. The toy emits a lot of silly music and sounds, and inflates & uninflates itself while dancing side to side. It's modelled after a PBS show targetted to the mentality of infants and toddlers.

Night picture out the window. There are a lot of adjustments for exposure settings, and a couple pre-set settings for night pictures in general.

Pretty Nattie riding the horsie, that's one of her favorites.

Purposefully taking off for a walk. She is darned near running.

We installed hardwood floors in nearly the whole upstairs. It took about a month start to finish. We had to put most of our furniture outside under tarps, and stayed in a hotel for 6 nights during the finishing process.

This is the best picture of the flooring surface itself, it's "select grade" red oak. Very few knots & defects, but a lot of "character" marks they call them like grain and coloring. You can see the various lighting reflections & surface texture. It's "satin" finish water-based polyeurethane (which doesn't "stink" for weeks after application like the oil-based style).

A somewhat longer view of the new floors, rugs and so forth.

Besides Natalie with wet hair from a bath, this one shows the reconstructed railing (behind her), where I had to fabricate the bottom rail, adjust all the spindles to the correct length, then reassemble & install.

I installed all the baseboard molding, there were a lot of these little tiny 1-1/2 inch type pieces to be fitted together.

This shows some of the complicated trimming around the outlet cover, over in the corner, etc. The house never had molding so this is a huge and noticeable improvement.

Pretty Daisy Dog resting on the oriental type rug. She hated it before the rugs arrived, but now has many places to lay about.

Natalie working on a snack of frozen blueberries (her favorite), tortilla chips, cheese, beans, sliced turkey, and pudding. Also she's trying to get a half piece of bread in her mouth--sideways.

Being tossed by Mom is a lot of fun.

A hug at the end.

Nat enjoying the beach during a break after 27 straight days of rain. This picture was taken Sunday January 15, 2006.

Natalie walking on the beach, for the very first time.

Daisy and friend. This is just about our favorite picture of both of them.

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