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February 2006
Our new approach is just put a months worth in one folder!

All the interesting pictures taken during the month.

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Natalie is 1 year old!
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Playing around at the bottom of the stairs.

Showing a characteristic wariness of the flash camera, it's also a bit blurred but still a pretty face.

Look at her shiny blond hair, street-urchin cut.

She thinks its funny to look out thru this strainer. She likes to dig around in the cupboards & fool around with her discoveries.

Peeking out from behind a post. Seconds later, she knocked over the plant stand behind her, and it tumbled down the stairs, scratching & marking up the paint!

Four videos of various sizes: Shortest one at less than 1MB,

3MB of dancing,

More dancing, 4MB,

Cat chase, 8MB

Straight from the bath.

Now you have to chase her around to peals of squealing, to put her diapers & night suit back on!

Mom and happy Natalie!

In the afternoon sun, her perfect skin glows.

She loves to ride on daddy's back, this shot is walking around in the zoo.

She's sitting on a stone seal at the zoo, but you can't really see it.


Walking around the zoo, she's really a "toddler" now, isn't she. She looks so mature and practiced.

Mia the cat engrossed in one of her many naps during the day.

Beautiful blue eyes, matches the rest of the family.


Fun-time, with a bit of packaging from a light fixture.

Here she is hiding in a corner, behind the garbage can! Don't take her out by accident!

One interesting event of the month was a big windstorm, the most intense one for several years. This picture shows the boats after being tossed around by waves coming over the bulkhead. The high tide was about 1-2 feet higher than normal--these two pictures were taken right about then. You can see significant waves coming over the top! Yikes!

This shows a longer view looking eastwards. The winds were about 40-50 mph sustained during the night. The high tide was at 9:00 a.m. There were higher gusts, and more are due the following night.

A section of seawall next door at the Wolvertons had fallen forward a few days ago in an earlier windstorm. We think it might have gotten bashed by big floating logs. Our bulkhead is OK, so far.

You can see a "wear" line showing that the level of gravel is about 1.5 feet lower than "normal" perhaps because of the normal shifting of the gravel between winter and summer. Maybe this made the wall fall more easily over on the Wolverton's side. You can see some big blocks of concrete emerging from the gravel that normally are not surfaced.

The fallen section starts about 15-20 feet east of our property line. You can see underneath the slab which is so far holding but has a large open space underneath that the waves washed out. The cement-company lady said they can just pour seawalls from the beach side with a cement pump, a barge is not needed.

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