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March 2006
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Natalie is getting pretty good at drinking out of a regular cup, although there are a few accidents now & then (we don't fill it very full). You need a bib with a rain gutter in it.

Nat LOVES helium balloons! When we go to a store or somewhere they have them, she always wants to cadge one from the staff.

Mussed up damp hair due to a deep nap. Click the picture to blow it up, and you can see how shiny her hair is.

When she's outside, she doesn't want to come back in!

Here is our new car driven by Sara into the driveway for the first time. It's a "Mazda 5" which is very much like our '94 Eagle, but updated by about 200,000 miles!

It's got 6 seats in three rows, and lots of versatility for hauling. It's got a peppy 4-cylinder engine and gets great mileage.

Here's the side view, it has a lot of "extras" like aluminum low-profile wheels.

Inside--again lots of modern gizmos.

Here's the old "Portermobile" which the new one replaced. We transferred it over to the Leavitt's in Spokane for their third car, partially earmarked for niece Melinda Leavitt who is a newly minted driver.

Nat was a little bit sick when this picture was taken. It's really the first time she's been sick for more than 24 hours. She had a runny nose and slept more than average.

Natalie loves our new car, this and a lot of pictures following were taken on a two-day trip to Vancouver BC.

Here she is clapping her hands about something.

The view out our room at the Sheraton, 16th floor in a corner room. Floor-to-ceiling windows.

Natalie liked the perspective on the "cahs" as she calls them.

Here are the two Porter girls walking on Robson street.

She liked the front window (on the 2nd floor) of this store, here she is checking out the shoes.

Peeking from beneath a pile of pillows.

We left little handprints on the windows for the cleaning staff to wash up!

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