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May 2006
May's pictures, starting with our Hawaii trip!

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Natalie's first exposure to hot sand, warm water. You can see she looks a little uncertain.

Just a few minutes later, she's experiencing waves breaking on her legs, for the first time.

This is one of Dave's favorite pictures. After a while, she didn't need her arms held so much, although occasionally she'd get knocked over by a wave.

In the hotel room, flopping around on the king size bed.

Ditto above.

This is the view out out window.

These shoes are called "jellies" and she walked in them one day a bit too much and got a blister. A point in their favor is that they're waterproof and washable.

Natalie and Sara.

She's wearing her mom's movie-star type sunglasses.

Goofing around in front of a mirror.

Sara and her mom Judy with the distinctive skyline in the background. Our hotel, the Outrigger is on the spot of the original Oahu "surf club" where "Duke" popularized surfing in the 20s and 30s.

Nat and grandma Judy.

Here she is approaching a shark--her dad.

Amazingly, she was never sunburnned at all. We had her wear a hat, and a long-sleeve nylon surfer-type shirt. Sunscreen liberally on her legs. She got just a little color, but no pink--ever.

One day her Dad created a "laguna" which collected water from the waves, and made a river flowing out. She liked to sit in the lagoon and climb the adjacent mountain.

Coffee and juice in the morning, a favorite part of the day.

She didn't usually wear her sunglasses. On the beach, she was usually smiling, as would most people.

Natalie, 20-1/2 months old in front of the blue water.

Mom and Nat.

Sara enjoying her coffee on the beach.

The whole family out for a walk. Sara's nephew Kevin was in our party also.

Pretty clouds and a batch of surfers waiting for a wave.

Kevin and Natalie in the plane. It was a 767-300 ER, Hawaiian Airlines. Nat was a great little traveller. That's all for now, watch for pictures later in the month.

A set of nice black & white pictures.

We tested the capability of our new camera for that.





The latest home project tore off some water damaged siding underneath the front windows, replaced that and the underlying insulation, vapor barrier, and flashing. There was a tiny bit of dry rot underneath but not enough to worry about.

Another view of the project, showing the 6-inch strip of deck underlayment (running the entire width) that was replaced then covered with many coats of rubberized deck coating ($70 per gallon). Now the front deck and windows are much more watertight, to bear up under the windy rainstorms we are buffetted by.

Pretty Nat on a warm day on the beach. She loves it down there and can play for hours with rocks and sticks. She usually heads for the water and gets her shoes wet immediately.

Every Wednesday evening a sailboat race commences, if there is a south wind the whole fleet comes right in front of the house.

I think she looks a lot like Melinda Leavitt when Mindy was little.

Daisy and Mia relaxing in the quiet back room together. Sometime soon this becomes Natalie's bedroom.

Nat and Dave reading the paper on a weekend morning.

Natalie loves to do chores (so far) and tries to imitate most anything Mom & Dad do.

She goofs around more than average in the bath.



Riding in the car.

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