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For the Porter residence on Klapache Ave.

This oblique view is "close" but I believe there were a few minor changes made afterwards. The garage doors are at the level of Klapache.

This is a perspective view, from the alley side looking southeast.

Another perspective view, looking southwesterly. The label is mistaken.

This is a study of the turning radius of cars as they enter the garage. A standard car is 6x16 feet, and has a "wall to wall" turning diameter of 35 feet. Large SUVs may not fit, but again, maybe they will (no big concern of ours).

First of four elevations. The labelling is wrong, this is the East elevation (looking westerly).

West face of building

North face of building

South face, looking northerly.

As builts

This shows some as-built measurements, including floor heights.

As builts. The doorway labelled "double slider" is actually a double french door.


This was an early concept, the roofline is perpendicular to the setup we arrived at later.

This was another concept, rejected, having structure out across the entire building envelope. Instead, we are "keeping" the low-pitched roof in the mainfloor living room, and the clerestory windows in there. This design was rejected because of cost and structural issues.

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