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Costa Rica
In February Dave's parents Sam and Joyce Porter took a two week trip to various parts of Costa Rica.

Flowers in the central Mercado.

Reception Hall at the National Theater, built in 1907.

Gran Hotel Costa Rica (where we stayed).

The Porters in Arenal.

Cota Mundi, related to racoons. They love bananas.

Papaya trees provide huge breakfasts for all. They are as large as footballs.

Our cabin with view of volcano.

Our breakfast companion. He, too, loves papaya.

Another hotel view.

On Lk. Arenal--about 20 miles of fresh water surrounded by verdant hills and cattle herds.

Lake Arenal.

Hotel view in mountains to the hot tub.

Tap roots. Huge trees of teak, mahogony, and eucalyptus.

Beach on the Pacific ocean.

Sunrise from our hotel. Waiting for Joyce to awaken.

A great beach for swimming, but you have to run over the hot sand.

Monkey visitor.

A ripe coffee bean has been shelled.

After sun drying and roasting, bagged for shipment.

Arenal (the former volcano) can barely be seen on the horizon.

Big leaf used locally for umbrella when it rains.

A 200-foot waterfall.

With viewpoint for the visitors.

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