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April 2007
Early spring, not much sun this year.

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April 2007

Notice the lenticular cloud far above and to the north of Rainier. This picture was taken in the evening.

Natalie out on the deck.

The Saranat on the buoy, first time this year. As it turned out the sailing weather was poor, but we leave it on the buoy for a few days at a time so it's easier to launch.

All wrapped up in a warm blanket after the bath.

I found this batch of stickers, it was fun to stick 'em all over my head!

Found a "hat" in the kitchen.



A rain squall over the bay

This one shows a boat speeding along in front of the storm.

A Saturday sailboat race on a blustery April morning.

The wainscotting is about done! We wood-wrapped the new vinyl window, it has a nice sill and other trim. This picture shows the nail-holes before we finished sanding and staining, so the abraded surface and color will improve shortly.

Nat and her Mom.

Mia always enjoys the soft newly-made bed.

A fuzzy shot of a fuzzy face.

This year's batch of tiny little goslings, probably a week or two old. They swam by our house for the first time, in training for seaweed-eating.

Overall birds view, the fishing birds are watching their big and little neighbors.

Closeup of the two families, one with two babies, another with five.

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