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September 2006
Nat is two!

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April 2007

Mom & Dad came down on their way out of town, for the last visit of a memorable summer! Here is Dad walking down the stairs with Nat and as you can see she doesn't really need hand-holding anymore.

The two eagles keeping their eyes on the eaglets down on the beach.

Nat found some apples under a tree down on the neighbors beach, so she picked one up & started eating. She really likes apples. We made a pie from these, that is one of her favorite words, "pie."

Just a pretty picture at sunset looking west. This time of year the sun is far enough south we can see it on the horizon at sunset. Click on the picture, it blows up pretty big.

Another sunset picture, you can see Linda Fox fishing for "silvers" there along the bulkhead. We don't fish for the salmon because Sara would protest.

Daisy in the warm sunset light. Daisy is 6 years old.

Mom & Dad and Sara having a cup of coffee on the bulkhead. Shortly after, we said "bye bye" until we meet again later in the month.

Cat in a cabinet.

It's time to catch up on posting to our webpage. Here are three pictures from the Puyallup Fair.

The pumpkin probably outweighs her by a half ton or so.

At the fair, she liked the mice, and the goats, and the cows.

We visited Mom & Dad (Porter) in San Diego, but this friendly fellow is a somewhat more distant relative.

Same species but this one's made of brass. Natalie is quite impressed with apes and can say their name very well. Her daddy scared her with an ape mask, and that made a big impression too--she still talks about it.

One cannot go to the San Diego zoo without visiting the impressive hippos.

We rode the San Diego trolley one day, it's highly recommended. Natalie likes trains a lot.

Here we are on the beach just north of La Jolla but I forget the name of it. A very beautiful place.

Daddy and daughter.

With Mom.

She found a sand castle built by someone else, and enjoyed playing with it. She probably remembers doing this in Hawaii, but the temperature is not nearly as warm on this day.

I wish we had a sandy beach at home.

Natalie can walk for literally miles! As can the rest of the Porters.

This was part of a fun game we played, where she stood on the broom and got dragged around.

We took only one decent picture of our short visit to Las Vegas on the way home. Of course, Natalie loved the pool. We weren't very successful with gambling.

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