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October 2006
The month starts with a train trip to Portland!

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The train is fun because Nat can move around a bit during the trip, unlike airplanes. The trip takes about 3 hours.

Another similar picture.

Natalie calls it the "whoo woo," because she learned that from watching the trains over at Grandpa & Grandma Smiths. The conductors toot the horn and wave to her.

With Daddy looking out the window. She actually doesn't pay a huge amount of attention to outside, what's going on inside seems more interesting.

Nat liked our hotel bed. We stayed right downtown. She was a little peach the whole time.

The milk moustache didn't wear off in time for her portrait.

"Hopping" on the bed is a great sport.

This is the courthouse square in downtown Portland.

A bit of time for crawling around near the coffee house.

Under the sandwich board.

She is getting more creative with her blocks, and always appreciates a playmate to help build cities or cars or other things. She made a train and toot-tooted it across the carpet.

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