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November 2006
Into the cold and windy winter months!

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April 2007

Natalie on Halloween, we'll sneak the Halloween ones into November's page. Natalie was a dog, she liked her paws. The package said it was a monkey, but someone made a mistake along the way. Also, it was a size or two too small. But Natalie really enjoyed it anyway.

Our friends Stephanie and Frank Pape, and their newborn Charlie and Amelia who is about Natalie's age. They hosted out of their pickup truck, at the "trunk or treat" where everybody decorates their cars and the kids walk around for a candy handout. It was a cold night for it, and Nat was sort of uneasy about the darkness and large noisy crowd (plus the wierd costumes).

A beautiful picture of our daughter recently out of the bath. She likes the "cubbie" (tub) and pretty much insists on one most every day.

Another frame, same scene.

Big November event around here is the weather. We had record rain for the month, which results in tons of logs floated out of the Puyallup River, then blown our direction by the southerly wind.

Another view of the logjam. I tried to salvage one nice beam but failed because it was way too big to lift.

A stormy morning view, of Mt. Rainier peeking out of the clouds, with a halo of orange light on its east side.

Top view looking down on the junk.

This gigantic log sat there for a few days. One old guy in a boat tried unsuccessfully to drag it away. It's still out there floating around, we saw it drift by this morning.

This is Natalie's "shape ball" as she calls it, within a couple days she got really good at flipping the asymetrical shapes around to fit 'em through the holes. That's all for now!

SNOW! This is Natalie's first hands-on experience with real snow and a lot of it! We had about two inches. She didn't want to come in, despite it being quite cold and late at night!

You can see Daisy dog has a lot of snow on her. This was about 9:00 at night, and it snowed through the night. Nat made a snowman.

Pretty snow on our evergreen tree.

The next morning. Click on the picture to blow it up. You can see the new Narrows Bridge sections on that orange ship.

We went out to mess around in the yard in the morning. Dave missed a day of work because driving was too treacherous.

The project under construction.

This is the "snow bug" because it wasn't possible to construct a full fledged snowman. Natalie saw a snowman costume at the mall with her mom so she is good at recognizing them and saying their name.

Sara, her daughter, and Snow Bug.

It was a pretty sunny day! But very cold. At least comparatively.

Note the pretty pampas grass fronds we get almost every year. Natalie is "so happy" and she keeps saying that.

Winter sunset.

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