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December 2006
Almost end of the year, plus some nice Christmas pictures!

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April 2007

A Christmas elf....hard to keep her away from picking at the wrapping paper before the appointed time arrives. Click here for a brief video of Nat opening a present."

Sara helping Natalie with "cayons" which she loves. The crayons we got are washable, in case she gets out beyond the paper. Such as the walls, or the couch (already happened).

She got a little battery-powered dog that walks and barks. Loved it, see that smile?

Continuing the dog motif, here's a poodle dog pin on a new hat.

One of if not "the favorite" present--or at least good for a lot of smiles and fiddling. A nice kids keyboard from Grandma and Grandpa Porter. It has a microphone, so one can exercise their Karaoke skills.

She hasn't learned chords yet. She likes the dog barking, frog croaking type noises.

Squinting a bit into the sun.

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