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January 2007
A new year, a new month, another storm, and we even saw a comet!

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April 2007

Natalie loves her new pink "Papa san" chair.

We made some new videos too:
Dancing around inside (5MB)
More dancing around (13MB)
Hopping in snow at the zoo (14MB)
Snowballs at the zoo (8MB)
Running at the zoo (4.5MB)
Running up a hill (4MB)
Climbing stairs (4MB).

Our squirrel feeder has two or three frequent diners, as long as the seeds hold out. When it's empty the birds clean up the left overs off the ground.

This is the barge holding one of the new Narrows bridge deck sections, progress was held up by winds for a few days. In fact, some workers were stuck on a platform high above the water for a few hours 'til they could retrieve them. Each blue hydraulic engine on each corner of the barge has 750 horsepower, which they use to hold the barge in place in the current. The deck section they were trying to place had only a 5/8th-inch clearance on either side!

Nat's hair is getting long.

Mom and Natalie, who enjoys having her hair in pigtails. It's so fine, it's very hard to get it that way.

In the beginning of the snowstorm, this was taken as the light fluffy snow began to cover everything.

At the end we had about 6-7 inches.

The snow was so light, it stuck in the tree branches until a breeze came up (the following day).

More snow in trees.

There was a strong north wind but we were in the lee of it. In fact when the sun was out, it was almost warm out in our yard.

Then the sun came out and began to melt it off.

The roads were treacherous so hardly anyone went anywhere at least that first day. Dave was able to work from home, Sara missed that day when she was supposed to work.

Mom's car-car, showing the thick blanket of snow.

We went for a walk, destination the neighborhood coffee house.

Natalie walking along Wa-tau-ga street.

Pretty snow. Natalie doesn't want to come in.

Here in our front yard, it's almost up to her knees.

The clouds blew away and now you can see Mt. Rainier, with it's tail of snow blowing southwards.

We made a snowman, complete with pink flamingo.

Here is a closeup of our frosty friend.

A zoomed-in view of "Comet McNaught." It was visible for two days right after sunset. This picture was shot through the eyepiece of our 15X binoculars. It sort of worked. Here, the comet is almost hitting the horizon of trees over across the bay in Tacoma.

Here's another close-up, with thanks to Curt DuBois for the digital enhancement.

Here's a naked-eye view, to give you an idea of the overall size / appearance of the comet. Click on the picture and note the blue rectangle that picks out where the comet is more or less apparent.

Natalie loves to "hep" around the house. She says "me's hep" and grabs the cleaning tools (vacuum, duster, wiper, etc.) and gets right in there to assist. Here we have shortened the hose thingy so she can operate on the floor better.

Pretty winter sunset #1 showing a tugboat and barge full of big stacks of the "plies" of plywood before they are glued together.

Sunset shot #2.

We went to the zoo one morning, to see how the animals liked the snow. Here is Natalie riding the carousel. She LOVED seeing the big beluga whale, seals, otters, walrii (walrusses plural?).

Eerie picture at dawn, of a barge and lights across the water.

Couple days later, we were socked with another 2 inches of snow overnight. It didn't really stick later that morning, and is beginning to melt in earnest. This is the view down the alley at about 8:00 a.m. before anyone had driven in it.

I kind of like this picture, the deep blue dawn contrasting with the lighted snow and snow falling.

This looked like the Arctic Ocean, with the layer of slush on top of the bay.

Another view of that slush, looking like a lot of icebergs.

Unlike the previous batch, this snow was PERFECT for snowmen. Here we built a very big one. It'll probably last for days, even after it warms up.

Closeup of Snowman's face, with a 2-year-old friend at the side.

The remainder of the snowman, a few warmer days later!

We made another big one on the beach.

Natalie assisting.

Daisy Dog loves to run in the snow--here's an action picture.

Natalie's first crayon book.

She is trying all kinds of line styles and expressions.

Hide out.

Look at the inventive little building she made. With her blocks she can build cars, trains, boats, towers, cities, corrals for the plastic animals, and a lot of other things!

Natalie wearing Daddy's new shirt.

Winter sunset, but the days seem a little longer.

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