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February-March 2007
Starts out cold and rainy, but turning into Spring!

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April 2007

A beautiful winter sunrise. Our weather has improved markedly although it's still pretty cold.

Different day, different sunrise. This shows a band of reflected sun off the apartment buildings about 3 miles away.

Natalie got a nice batch of "Thomas" train engines and cars and wooden track. She is really excited and absorbed playing with them. Two of the engines have battery-powered motors so they buzz around the track on their own. She likes to set her plastic animals around alongside the tracks too.

This picture shows how Natalie arranged all her train cars on top of her wooden blocks. She has got an eye for lining things up in rows and organizing things. She likes to lay her train cars and plastic animals on their sides for a "nap" then stand them up again when they awaken.

We made Natalie a wooden ramp to roll her cars and trains downhill on. This replaced a temporary one built with a board and blocks. She enjoys this sort of thing for literally hours!

Mia cat relaxing in a ceramic bowl. She also likes to crawl into tight spaces like cardboard boxes.

A hug for the Bug.

Trying on her new helmet, to go with her little pink bicycle.

Front view.

You can see the new vinyl window on the upper left, and partial T&G covering the wall to a little past the light switch. When done, the window will have full wood wrapping and a nice sill.

Natalie has a stool she uses to play in the sink and help cook things. She loves both.

At night over the bay. Sorry the horizon is tipped!

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