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August 08
Hot days and two birthdays!

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Jack's round babyface, plus a blonde topknot!

A striking sunset, with streaks & rays.

Natalie's boo boo resulting from a fall down stairs and a lesson learned about holding onto handrails.

Jack is grabbing at things and turning them over to examine more closely.

August 26th is Nattie's birthday, we had a big beach party with a bouncy house. The guys rolled it down the stairs but not before agreeing we would deliver it by boat to the lighthouse park. It's very heavy, around 250 lbs. No way to carry it back upstairs.

Lots of fun jumping for everyone. Dave and Sara got kind of worn out by it, by the end of the party.

More jumping, with Sara. Kind of fuzzy picture but I liked how Nat is far up into the air.

Natalie's cake had a "Thomas the engine" theme. We had about 8 or 10 kids plus parents. Sara's Mom and Dad of course attended.

That's Daniel and Catelyn enjoying cake. We also had exciting boat rides which the kids loved.

That's Rae Marie, Judy, and Jack.

A couple days later, on Natalie's actual birthday (Tuesday), Dave's Mom and Dad visited. Fun for all, a steak BBQ, and some beach time. Joyce and Sam were leaving shortly for San Diego by way of several other stops along the way.

Sam and Nat.

A chase scene, apparently. I like Natalie's action pose.

Jack's first few bites of solid food. He's 16 lbs. now, and an eager eater.

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