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Sept 08
The end of summer, one birthday, and a video!

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Jack Porter in work clothes, ready to visit the brokerage office. We'll unleash him upon Wall Street in about 18 years.

One of the Hyundai ships, a frequent vistor. It was very calm out on the water this early fall morning.

The Odyssey is about a 120-foot wooden boat they use for weddings, charters and so forth.

Fingernail moon setting over Tacoma.

Beautiful & fragrant summer roses, about the last bouquet of the year.

Jack after the bath, notice Natalie peeking at him too.

He is 18 lbs., at 4 months of age. This is about the 98th percentile, according to the doctor. He got four shots at his appointment.

We all visited the Puyallup Fair on the last day of its run.

An electric car, what we'll all be driving someday soon.

Jack went too but didn't appreciate too much of the fair.

Natalie rode the train several times.

Here are the two Porter passengers.

Smiler out on the deck.


Click here to see the video (5MB size).

Visited the park one day.

The whole family, taken at arms length by our camera.

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