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In the crawlspace
In the crawlspace

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This is the plan view of the space, showing the beam lines and posts and other features. Legends on each element key to the pictures below.

This is in the SW corner of the space, showing the concrete block structure on the right. This structure is underneath the "french door" area upstairs, perhaps it was to hold entry way tile or something??

Another view looking NW at the concrete blocks.

This is post-block "A." The posts are 6x6. This block is a formed concrete, maybe 12 inches square.

This is post-block "B." The block is a large cube, about 12-inches. The wood block on top is laid horizontally.

This shows the north extent of the west wall. The width gets about 2 inches thicker on the inside, compared to the overall 6-inch width of most of the perimeter foundation.

The extreme NW corner, you can see wire mesh covering a hole leading into the "extra" foundation area that is inaccessible from the inside. The north wall (on the right area), has a platform on which stands a treated 2x4 running horizontal, and you can see the studs extending upwards.

A view similar to the above looking rightwards (eastwards). At the extreme right side see one of the "saddles" (saddle "A"), on which the western beam line sits. The saddles are about 12x20 inches, with a channel in which the beam end sits.

Another view of all the oddities in the NW corner. Again, the screen / hole leading into the other foundation area, some bricks thrown in (set into the wet concrete perhaps), and some wood blocks. There is a lot going on in this corner.

Saddle "A."

Post-block "C." You can see how someone excavated a little of the surrounding soil, so the post-block actually sits higher than the general soil surface of the crawlspace.

This is saddle "B" built very similarly to "A." The saddles appear to be cast into the base of the retaining wall (north wall). From a couple of holes into the retaining wall, it looks like there's a great deal of thickness here, maybe 15-18 inches although it is hard to assess.

This is a general view of the south wall, looking west. The camera position is about half-way between the beam lines. There is quite a bit of headroom on this area of the crawlspace.

Looking at the SE corner, with the entryway passage on the left.

This is post-block "D." 6x6 post, 12x12 concrete block footing. You can see the western beam line in the dim light in background.

Post-block "E."

Post-block "F." This one's a bit different. The block is about 12x18 inches. The surrounding soil is somewhat excavated.

Another view of post-block "F" looking northwards.

This is saddle "B" along the north (retaining) wall. That's an electric conduit at the top, heading for the basement 100A sub panel.

The waste drain tree, is cast iron. It's just a little NW of post-block "F."

This is the extreme NE corner, one thing of note is there's a small section of retaining wall where there appeared to be some water infiltration at some time, so it is slightly but not severely undermined. (See the round rocks below the "hole" in the concrete. I know where and why this occurred, about 5 years ago when I moved in, I fixed a roof drain which may have run water down into the soil on top of the retaining wall for some period of time. Other than this, there is little/no evidence of serious or ongoing water / moisture problems in the crawlspace. There is efflorescence in places on the concrete.

This is along the east wall. This is the one "crack" I found in the perimeter foundation, a very small and inactive looking crack that's about one foot left of the vertical tape measure.

A closer view of the water infiltration area noted above. The horizontal extent of the area is about 12 inches.

Near the NE corner, this is a disused drain pipe running up to and out of the wooden wall structure.

A portal of some sort underneath / behind the entryway porch. I'm not sure but the entryway porch appears to be on top of a solid block of concrete approx 2-3 feet in depth.

Another view of the portal, and a ziggurat shape poured into the foundation / footing.

This shows the vanity drain (diagonal pipe) and the drain tree on the left.

Same area, the tub drain is the diagonal red pipe on the left, the bright pipe with a union is the disused storm drain, and the kitchen drain is the grey pipe in the background behind the vertical cast iron. Post block "F" is at the right.

More piping pictures, from another angle. Appears there were plumbing leaks at times, judging from the staining, but none are active. The cast iron looks to be solid and mainly non-problematic by my untrained eye.

Tub drain area, and you can see saddle "B" in the background.

Just a general view of the perimeter on the east wall.

Same--I dug down to see the footing size (at the tip of the spade).

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