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October 2008
Including a week in Maui!

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The second-to-the-last zuchini from our 2-plant garden. This was the biggest one. Despite its local provenance, Natalie still didn't like eating it.

This is Jack's very first plane ride, beginning a week in Maui. Here he is sitting on the tray table. He was very well behaved, with little or no out-of-the-ordinary fussing at any point during the almost 6-hour flight.

Natalie with Ben Smith on the beautiful Kamaeole beach. It was about a block away from our time-share condo in Kihei. This time, Natalie danced around in the verge of the waves, but didn't really want to go in.

One day Natalie and Dave made three pyramids and a Sphynx. Many passers-by commented on the historical accuracy and Natalie learned the word Egypt.

Jack was intrigued by the waves and how they swirled around his feet, but of course didn't do any swimming. Neither Porter child had any trace of sun over exposure, since we did most of our beach visits before the strong sun began around 9:00 in the morning.

Natalie went in the pool at least twice a day, and Jack spent an hour there on his second visit. Jack really liked the water and got very comfortable in it. You can see both of them had excellent sun suits.

View from our balcony looking west.

Little Jack resting after his demanding travel activities. Jack has a couple cat naps at about 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., and a longer nap around 1:00. He sleeps solidly through 9-10 hours at night.

Close-up, at rest.

All travellers except the photographer Dave. This was in Lahaina, Maui where we drove through a traffic jam to dinner. Sara's nephew Kevin (age 21) travelled with us as well. Natalie calls him, "KK."

Yet more relaxation.

Rolling about on the floor. Jack can roll over from back to front, and visa versa. We think he is very close to crawling because his frog-legs are powerfully scissoring at many times.


I think these are Mourning Doves like we see in San Diego. Flocks of them picked around the sand surrounding beach-goers, to peck at the bugs stirred up or maybe crumbs and other surprises.

Yet another visit to the pool.

Jack likes to extend his arms to grab things, including toys, people, furniture, or whatever is in reach.

Ben, Judy, and "KK."

A self-portrait by Sara and her son Jack.

Back home now, in the jumperoo.

Jack has a new chair called a "Bumbo" that's made in South Africa. It's soft squishy plastic but he is very effectively and comfortably sitting up straight by himself.

For Halloween Natalie was a cat. She wore this mask around the house, and got three separate days of festivities in a row (school, the Browns Point "trunk or treat," then real trick-or-treating on Friday).

This is Jack getting a good licking from Daisy dog.

Here's Nat in her full regalia. She was a black and pink cat, which is certainly an unusual color not often found in nature.

Here's Amelia Pape and Natalie out on Friday. We had a mild, rainless Halloween night here. Amelia was a princess, with an orange fleece jacket. The girls were thrilled by the traditions, and certainly enjoyed meeting the neighborhood folks who had their porch-lights on.

Later, at the Papes, Amelia and Charlie were getting a good look at Jack.

Profile of Jack, age 5 months and a couple weeks.

Some unusual fog and clouds, plus city lights on a windless night across the bay. Click on the photo to enlarge.

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