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November December 2008
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At "Father's Feast" day at school, Natalie and the other kids hosted their Dads. There was singing, saying the pledge of allegiance, and some ham sandwiches and lemonade.

Here's Natalie's school picture, age 4, in "Pre kindergarden"

Here's Natalie's whole class.

Jack is up on all fours, and on New Years Eve 2008 he was actually moving forward in a true crawling motion. Onwards!

A beautiful winter sunrise.

A fogbank across the bay.

Jack sits up like a big boy. He is around 7 months old in this picture.

Yet another winter sunrise.

A pod of orcas visited Commencement Bay this Saturday in December. Our friends the Papes called us up to warn us.

Tub time is fun for all. Natalie has some complicated games where she hosts guests and cooks food (fish) in her cafe.

Jack a Daw, we call him. He isn't very scared of the water.

A nice big smile for the camera.

He loves this roller chair, and roams around the non-carpeted part of the house. It is good practice, and he can definitely put one foot in front of another.

Natalie's early figurative work, I'm not sure if this is Joseph or Rembrandt, but it's certainly Natalie's.

Snow came down, Natalie headed out immediately despite having only her pajamas on. We had about 6-8 inches of snow and it was difficult to get around, right before Christmas.

In the snow, an eagle visited a couple doors down. One day the eagle brought back a large fish and ate it while we watched.

"Papa" (Ben) and little Jack on Christmas Eve.

Cousin Kevin known as "KK" to Natalie, plus the Porter side. Kevin is 21 years old.

Jack and Natalie in back of their "haul" of Christmas items. Natalie really had fun this year, she really had a lot of anticipation. She claimed she couldn't sleep the night before but in fact got down pretty much on time.

Clouds and sun on Mt. Rainier. Seems like we have a lot of pictures of this, huh?

Over Christmas holiday, we refinished a number of elements in the downstairs bathroom. The old sink was dated 1969, and the formica looked that age too!

Part of the after view. We put on new formica, new sink & faucet, tile surround, moved an electric outlet, new towel racks, lighting, refurbished the textured plastering, refinished the cabinet, new drawer pulls & hinges, and a lot of other misc. cleanup. The walls await a full painting shortly.

Game night ("Connect 4"). All pets are participating. Natalie really likes this game. Not sure she's thinking strategically about it yet, but she understands the basics.

Sara and her son Jack.

Porter kids.

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