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June 2007
The longest days of the year, it is starting to get warm!

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Natalie's got her sun-suit on (like a surfer shirt with long sleeves, and high UV protection so she can stay out in the sun). You can't really tell, but Dad had put it on backwards.

Oh, now I remember what we're doing. Natalie and Daddy went for a boat ride down to the lighthouse park where they held a "marine day" during which divers retrieved sea cucumbers, a cute 5-inch octopus, starfish, eels etc. for the kids to look at in big fish tanks.

Typical marine traffic. Here is the "Midnight Sun" arriving (a "TOTE" boat ferrying trucks and containers to Alaska). Plus a Foss tug.

Two ships arriving at once. There are about 4 to 6 large "tractor tugs" working in the bay that we see all the time.

Nattie got some child-size plastic cooking utensils, she is really developing her imagination cooking and serving pretend meals. Sometimes bits of real snacks are stirred around. She makes and cuts up plasticine "pizza." The cardboard box they came in serves as her stove for now. She loves to help in the real kitchen too.

Natalie and Sara Porter on Father's day 2007. Ben and Judy came to visit. That's all for June for the moment.

Pretty cloud formations on a late spring evening. Click on photo to blow up to large size.

Sunrise is around 5:00 in the morning.

Natalie got a ballerina suit, just for fun, and for Brea's birthday party.

An extra large flock of Canada geese out by the Saranat.

This is a nice Point Defiance Zoo t-shirt Natalie finally has grown into. It was given to us by Dave "E" and Stacey before she was born.

One evening we heard a funny noise outside, looked out and we saw a baby 'coon! So we trailed it a little and found three little babies curled up in a pile waiting for their mom to return. They were hiding out behind the wooden outdoor fence between us and the Wolvertons, right next to our porch. We left an apple for them but they weren't interested.

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