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April & May 2009

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Jack took off walking just at about 11-1/2 months. Click here to watch a video (4MB). Here is another video of messing around and talking (in the tub).

Goofing around.

Egg hunt on a cold breezy Easter Sunday. Natalie got about 8 or 10 eggs.

One sunny spring weekend day we went to the "Spring Fair" in Puyallup with Natalie's best friend Mekayla. Lots of rides and fun.

This roller coaster was on the verge of too scary for them.

Canoe ride.

Look at the lovely spring flowers Natalie picked for her mom.

We had a beach day for Natalie's school class, about a dozen kids and parents visited. The weather was cold and quite windy so there were no boatrides. But, it did not rain which was a plus.

Two pix of Pixie and Dixie with their mouths plugged up with a piece of sweet corn. This time Nat was mimicking Jack.

Nat / corn.

Jack's first birthday, with a smudge of cake. Happy Birthday Jack, age one, 5-22-09.

Jack's birthday party was small, with just family, at our favorite Thai restaurant.

He wasn't really into eating much of anything, including the cake.

A nice present from Grandma and Grandpa.

The kids have a larger new pool this year. The water never gets that warm, at this point but splashing is always fun.

Wednesday night sailboats. Click here for a large-size jpg.

A snack, notice Daisy waiting for scraps in the background.

Alpenglow late in the evening, around 9:00 p.m. Click here for a large-size jpg..

Kids in tub.

A final shot of dramatic clouds.

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