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Sept 2007
Natalie turned 3 on August 26th!

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Natalie and her grandma before the proceedings really got started.

Dad was helping Natalie unwrap a big present from the Leavitts.

Yet more anticipation.

YES! Natalie really loves this nice present.

Happy Birthday to You. A nice cake from Costco--it weighed 6.5 lbs!

She needed some help blowing out candles but did make a wish.

Sailboat race on Wednesday night.

Moonrise, alpenglow on Mt. Rainier, and a peaceful late summer night. Hi-res picture, click to enlarge.

We spent 3 nights and 4 days in Leavenworth, at this condo / timeshare that Ben and Judy bought into. A very lovely place with two nice pools.

Down by the Wenatchee River with Natalie and her grandpa.

Just Nat and "Gussie" the goose from Charlotte's Web--one of Natalie's favorite stories (the early 70's cartoon version).

Just a pretty late-summer afternoon blending into fall.

Sara fishing for pink salmon, round about sunset.

Natalie ready for her dance class which is on Wednesday's.

At the Puyallup fair this year, Natalie really got a kick out of the rides and went on quite a few. This one's a helicopter.

A boat with a steering wheel.

And a car ride with another girl.

For Dave's birthday on Sept. 29th, we were in Seaside Oregon. Dave is 53 but everyone says he doesn't look it. Dave is not so sure.

Natalie sang Happy Birthday and helped blow out candles.

At the Seaside carousel.

In the run-up to Halloween, Sara and Natalie made a pumpkin. Here it is before being tested. Natalie doesn't really yet understand the sad news that we are going to miss Halloween at home, instead we'll be in Hawaii!

Hurray! It works! Rather odd lighting though, this was sort of an experiment to see if the camera works for night type pictures.

An incomparable sunrise over Mt. Rainier and the Port of Tacoma. I also stored this as a high-resolution file in case you want to grab it for your screen background.

Natalie is really good at puzzles, she has about a half-dozen and this new one has 48 extra large pieces.

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