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February / March 2008
In March we visited San Diego!

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To start out, an early morning with sun shining on the buildings across the bay. A harbinger of spring and sunnier weather to come.

Three pictures of our shingle siding project (progressing). They are grey for now, will become a sunny yellow at some point. We haven't precisely picked the color.

All three windows are now renewed and super-sealed against the driving rains that occur frequently in the winter.

Nearly ready for painting. Used stainless nails to top-nail the rows where that was necessary.

Nattie lined up all her trains along the "rails," top and bottom. She is a stickler for organizing things.

Just a photo of her in school clothes before leaving in the morning.

Two lounging couch potatoes. Sara is 6 months pregnant at least with our son (expected mid- to late May).

Hurray! We are visiting in San Diego. There were a lot of new toys and things to play with, at Grandma and Grandpa Porter's.

Two wooden smiles.

I have always liked this sign, so here is a picture of it finally.

Visiting Wild Animal Park. We liked the many tiger cubs sleeping in a pile. Other highlights were the meerkats, and a big lizard.

Close encounter with a pretty and noisy bird.

Natalie loves carousels, this is the first of two visited during our trip. We were in San Diego for 5 nights and most of 6 days.

Nattie was play-sleeping in the car.

The La Jolla beach with Nat and her mom. It was somewhat windy and cold, but Natalie got her shoes off anyway.

With "San Diego Sam" (Natalie's nickname for him).


The obligatory dated picture.

Scripps aquarium.

Group photo back at Mom & Dad's.

Profile of some large chipmunk cheeks, plus you can see her shiny hair.

She played with a Tinkertoy set for literally days. A probable birthday present don't you think? Very creative. There were airplanes, cars, ferris wheels, and catapults made, designed by the various Porter Engineering staff.

Nice photo of Mom & Dad's view to the west.

More birds, these ones are not so exotic.

But loved sunflower seeds and corn flakes just as well.

Sara got some well deserved rest, more so than at home. Relaxing.

We visited Balboa park a couple times. Unfortunately the train museum was closed on Monday when we stopped by but there were other things to see.

Near the Marriott, where the boat used to be in the marina.

Running on the beach, click here to see the 2.4MB avi file download.

2nd of two carousels, this one was a full wooden one from the 1890's. It used to be located in Spanaway WA near us in the 70's.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the nice visit! We really enjoyed it.

Taking out the trash with a little something extra on top.

Up up & away! Natalie was such a good traveller.

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