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Here is a "B" homework assignment, look how nice her handwriting is becoming.

Magnolia tree in bloom, rather early for the season (March 10th).

This was taken on Daisy's 10th birthday, March 12th.

Here is Jack's first major haircut, a lot of his big curls and waves came off in back. His hair has darkened some, but not as dark as Nat.

Here are Pixie and Dixie out in the sun on a warm day, despite the warnings of the dermatologist (they weren't out there very long).

Another sunbathing picture, with their sunglasses on.

Shingle project, west side of house. It takes a long time because each angled cut under the eave requires a separate triup down and up the ladder to cut it. The base of the shingle area is about 18 feet off the ground.

Another view of same. Since the shingles are well under the eaves, this work is mainly aesthetic, not that functional.

Finished product. We sort of like the grey color (primer). Eventually will be painted up here. Now, on to the east side of the house where there are two separate sections.

Moonset in the morning.

It's Easter (Saturday)! This was Jack's first egg-hunt. Down at the lighthouse park, it was rather windy and chilly.

Jack on the move. He learned how to do this after the first egg.

Natalie only found three eggs but Jack shared his haul with her. No golden eggs or prizes, but they did get a candy bar from the Easter Bunny (a guy dressed up in a bunny suit).

Easter morning. Jack has usually got a car in hand at any given time. He calls them car-cars, mostly.

Riding the horsie, Jack's sister is the perfect sized steed.

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