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May 2010
Now it's Really nearly summer!

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Before picture of the raggedy finish on the underside of the roof over part of our front deck. It sanded off pretty easy.

After: the object was to make the inside and outside look similar.

Did we succeed?

Jack and Natalie catching up on their reading.

Natalie now that her hair is fairly long likes ponytails.

With "bro."

Some 30 or 40 MPH winds kicked up some whitecaps, and stirred up the mud along the shoreline.

Sara, Natalie & Jack (plus the Smith's) went to Hawaii for a week. Natalie got in the waves this time.

Ben Smith and grandchild Natalie.

They went to the beach mostly late in the day or at night so nobody got sunburned.

Sand play.

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Yet more sand play.

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A 10-foot-tall window got "wrapped." Just getting the ladder in position was difficult. Since it's on a stairway.

Deck #1

Deck #2 received a scraping, primer, and paint.

New shingle siding at the entryway. Not yet painted.

Cranes glowing at dusk. click here for large-format version.

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