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June 2010
Hurray for Summer!

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Natalie's best friend Gigi, during a play day.

Sam and Joyce visited, here are grandma Joyce and Natalie arranging "52 wheeled things" in her room.

Visitors, plus two residents.

Four of the residents here.

Jack likes to take a nap in "big bed" surrounded by pillows to keep him contained.

Pretty clouds: click here for large-format version.

Here is Natalie's kindergarden graduation. Note the hats of blue cardboard. That's Gigi next to her. On the other side is Cameron Baxter.

This is Natalie's teacher Mrs. Walters. Nat was a little shy while Mrs. Walters talked about their year together.

Jack was bored with graduation so he went outside to play in the playground.

That's Annalise and Lisa next to Natalie.

Jack burned his hand on the stove (a lesson for all). He had a bandaged hand for about a week but healed up just fine.

We have a "bubble machine" the kids like to chase the results of. We put it on the deck and it distributes large & small bubbles throughout the yard.

Cuddling and thumb sucking.

During large rainstorms, the neighborhood drainage runs across the beach.

Double rainbow! click here for large-format version.

Mia likes to perch on the wide windowsills for sitting and watching birds.

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