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July 2010
Finally the weather has turned to be 90% nice!

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Just a beautiful afternoon, no wind, temperatures in the high 70s.

You can see Natalie exploring on the shoreline.

We got hardly any apples or pears this year, I think the weather was poor for pollination. We did get enough for a pie.

Jack exploring the shore. click here for large-format version.

That's Tilly the dog, plus a couple kids.

Fourth of July parade! Here we are starting out. We didn't win any prizes. Joyce and Sam visited.

Here it is starting out.

Near the end.

On the 4th, we squeezed four cars in to parking area--a first!

Here's our 4th of July party, with hot dog roasting, two sets of grandparents, guests and friends.

We picked strawberries one morning, got about 12 pounds!

Picking again (Jack is comparatively less effective at it).

Jackers riding in the car.

Natalie got an early birthday present--a bicycle! With training wheels for now. She loves it!

Action photo.

Moonrise over Rainier, about 9:00 p.m. one evening.

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