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August 2010
Summer fun plus Natalie's birthday!

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Heading out for the nearly one-week vacation in Bellingham. During the two hour drive, Jack caught some Z's.

The most beautiful white sandy beach on Lk. Whatcom, it's called "morning beach" because it faces south.

The water is cool, clear, and very swimmable! The kids love it there and did a lot of sand play as well.

Family picture! As with most group picture, at least someone makes a funny face, but at least in this frame nobody has blinked! We love seeing the Leavitt family as well as John. A high point of the summer!

Natalie Jane, Jack David, and Dave in the background.

Jack can say "mountain" but doesn't know how "pyramid" relates to that.

Brave Natalie jumping in.

Beautiful clear water, and a beautiful nearly 6-year-old swimming.

Mom & Dad got a nice book for the kids, Jack loves it. In this picture Melinda is reading it to them.

Natalie learned how to swing a badminton racket, the two in the background are pretty good at it.

Our family stayed in a condo up the mountain, so there was a good deal of ferrying up and back. There were a lot of slugs in the woods, which the kids liked.

Jack's first hike in the woods, he did great.

Nat took this picture, it includes Dad in the orange shirt.

Daisy the Dog wanted to go too, she stayed at Mom & Dad's condo without causing a lot of stir. She's a good old dog, into her tenth year.

One night and part of two days were spent in Birch Bay. The tideflats are very broad, and you can wade out hundreds of yards. Natalie really liked this. We looked for sand dollars and found one.

We got rather close to this heron which seemed unconcerned about our nearness.

Jack and Mom and Nat, at the turning point on our "bicycle cart" that held all of us. Two people pedalled (Mom & Dad). This picture was taken at the State Park.

Picking blackberries across the alley from our place. Jack loves berries, Natalie does too. One time Jack went in deep and came back with scratches on his face.

Jack likes to suck on his thumb while holding a drawstring from mom's pajamas. It's just his pattern, it makes him happy when he's tired out (as shown in this picture).

Jumping Jack, at the community center where we kill 45 minutes each Saturday while Natalie is in her ballet class.

Interior trim on the last single-pane to be replaced on the main floor. Now, it matches the one we put in a while back, on either side of the fireplace.

Grey paint on the shingled triangle up high on the west side.

Happy Birthday Natalie! Her 6th birthday.

You can see Gigi taking a whack at the pinata, filled with penny candy.

Here's the mad scramble once it split open.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, here's her cake. They messed up the cake order so it said "Natalia" on the side, but it was really no matter.

Our little princess (Natalie's theme lately).

We rented a bounce house which was very popular, but boat rides captured the kid's attention equally well.

Fun in the house.

Another shot with balloons.

It was placed down on the beach.

Bubbble baths, the latest wrinkle on playing in the tub.

Summer is winding down, here's an earlier sunset, with the sun a lot further south than before.

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