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September-October 2010
Back to school, The Puyallup Fair, and into October!

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Natalie heading out for school one fine morning. She rides the bus both ways--she loves it! We just walk a block up the street to the stop, usually Jack and sometimes Daisy accompany her.

Got the shingle siding on the new mainfloor window finished, just in time for winter rains lashing it from the southwest.

The Puyallup Fair! Here we are at the bottom of the super big slide.

Car riding....

The spinning swing thing....

Canoeing in the lazy river.

The ball house. Jack got sort of stuck in here, he couldn't "swim" out so Dad had to go retrieve him.

Here's a giant jellyfish we found on the beach.

In the water, it looks like an alien being in space.

Jack Porter, age about 2 years 4-1/2 months.


We went to the pumpkin farm, here they are sharing a cow-train ride behind a tractor. It was a beautiful fall day, with bright blue sky and warm temperatures.

Some of the fine pumpkin stock we had to choose from.

Jack and Natalie rode the ponies--a first for both.

Here's Natalie's steed. The largest of the group.

You can see both of them in this picture.

We picked out three nice ones to take home.

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