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November 2010
15 nice pictures of Halloween, plus other fun things

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In Natalie's classroom, they had a Halloween party and Jack is invited too as long as he's well behaved. Nat is a princess, Jack is a ladybug.

That's Annalise along behind Jack. This part is the parade / promenade outdoors, luckily it was a nice afternoon.

Natalie's 1st grade class, that is Mrs. Robinson the teacher in the back row.

Getting ready to head out for neighborhood trick or treating. Sara was the wicked witch of Klapache Ave. this year.

This little friend got in the house and didn't get out before Mia bit his / her tail off. Sara was able to snap a picture.

Pretty sunrise.

We got about 3 inches of snow one day, and it was very very cold--broke a couple of temperature records.

On Thanksgiving day, with Ben Smith.

Nice family picture, Thanksgiving day.

Maybe it was all that turkey that tuckered out little Jack.

One day we went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle. These small planes and helicopters had operating controls so Jack and Natalie could practice their moves.

The kids were really impressed with the Museum, not only these kid sized ones, but the large / real ones like the Concorde, Air Force One, a 737, and many others.

That's a Chinese "MIG" back there, plus a B-47 I believe.

Natalie took this one.

Got window wrapping finished on one of the five in our master bedroom.

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