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Sept 09 remodelling
The ending phase of our remodel

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Tuesday Sept 1, the siding is on, windows in, electric service ready for hook-up.

Installing the catch-basin in the lower center required jackhammering for about 5 hours, plus moving a giant pile of cement chunks (in the background). The asphalt job is going to cost around $1,800, we got three bids of wildly different numbers. I put in about 100 feet of schedule 40 ABS 4-inch pipe running all the way to the beach. This catches all the drainage from the alley plus roof surfaces on the west side.

Our cheery yellow color has been tested out already. It's called "Lemon Cream." Lance and Brian are going to get oil primer plus two coats of latex on the outside.

Sheetrock and taping in progress on the main floor. Picture taken Sept 16th.

One area of shingling, done by Dave. I didn't get far enough along to have them spray it, so this section will need another coat (at least) of yellow color applied with a brush. Note the chimney is cleaned up and painted.

More taping, this upstairs in the master bedroom.

I textured a number of areas with thinset mixed with a little sand. Some parts were better than others in matching the existing. This one wall is suspect and may need to be torn out and redone in a consistent (flat) finishing. We don't really like the texturing, but an extensive number of areas already have it.

Finish paint is up, "Chalk" in color. The guys did a light "orange-peel" texture they call it.

Sept. 15th, the cabinets are reinstalled, and the protective coating on the existing hardwoods is removed. The existing floor turned out "fine" there are few added dings or dents.

Here's tile floor upstairs in the bathroom.

A large batch of "select grade" red oak. Jerry Moreno is our floor guy--very experienced and helpful. He used to work for the company that put in our downstairs floors.

Half-bath (mainfloor) flooring going in.

Here's the stairway, which is also going to be hardwood. The whole upstairs is hardwood, except for bath and utility which is tile. The stair treads will have carpet.

Wood railings, this took about a day and a half to build. It's a combination of VG grade fir plus hemlock. They'll have "varathane" and stained a little so the colors match (Dave is going to do this).

Shower upstairs has a dual head with a sliding secondary head (for kids, dogs, and washing out the enclosure.

Upstairs bath & vanity, nearly finished. The backsplash is going to be bullnose tile.

Another view of the railing.

Nattie's room.

Downstairs bath, only a little painting remains to be done. Brian and Lance's last day was today, Friday October 2nd. I'll have to do the math but I think it was roughly 10 weeks of work, or maybe 11. There is quite a bit left to do (cannot afford to have these guys around for extra weeks). Dave is going to do all the windowsills, and millwork. The doors are still several weeks away, as is gas installation, paving, and final inspection.

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